About Us

Abu Hummus is a Toronto based restaurant and food innovation guild that is (in simple words) serving Hummus as a main dish.
Our purpose is to Spread the Love.

Little Backstory 📜

Our menu is very friendly towards vegans, gluten-intolerant and meat eaters alike. Our food is highly bioavailable, easily-digestible, mostly-organic and freshly-made through the day. Our packaging is fully compostable.
Hummus has been a popular meal all over the Middle East as early as the 13th century. It is enjoyed as breakfast, lunch and dinner with various toppings. (Fun fact: Chickpeas have been farmed in the middle east for over 8,500 years.)
As avid Hummus and health food enthusiasts, we strive to normalize the concept of Hummus as a main meal instead of a side or a dip. Our food/beverage innovations are part of our personal quest for improving and optimizing food we eat out. Our diverse team is motivated to champion the ‘healthy’ QSR concept.
We are inspired by the simple and time-tested recipes from all over the middle east, especially modern Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Yemen and Egypt. Through a process spanning 7,200 hours of research and feedback, the recipes were improved in Canada.
Our menu and decor are a tribute to several legendary hummus restaurants and chefs who make incredible hummus, causing rich and poor, this vs that, to come and eat together.


Our refusal to cut corners produces the creamiest and tastiest hummus available in Canada. We apply this approach to everything we have on the menu.
Our Hummus is made with organic chickpeas. Every single chickpea and ingredient is thoroughly screened for defects before it is cooked. And of course, Hummus is cooked fresh throughout the day. This makes a huge difference in taste. The grocery store-bought hummus is a totally different category. As a matter of fact, we take offence to store-bought chickpea paste being called hummus. 😊
All items on our menu are made from the highest quality ingredients which optimize bio-availability, flavour and proper digestion.
We use fully compostable packaging to reduce the harm done to the environment

Our house perfected melliferous Mama’s water kefir is a fermented probiotic drink infused with organic fruits. It comes in Blueberry-Raspberry and Lemon-Ginger flavour. Both current options are mild in flavour and sugar but extraordinarily refreshing.
These dairy and caffeine-free tasty beverages have billions of beneficial bacteria and yeast. They are vegan-friendly and bio-hacker approved. Our version is inspired by centuries-old Latin recipes.
It is available for sale in-venue and via delivery / pick-up partners. Look for it in your nearest health food store and restaurant soon.
(Fun fact: In many ways, Water kefir is similar to kombucha but without the caffeine, tang, spice and overall intensity.)