Hummus is a meal! not a dip or a side.

Welcome to Abu-Hummus

Toronto's Hummus Place

Abu Hummus is a Toronto based restaurant that is serving Hummus as a main dish. Hummus has been a popular meal all over the Middle East as early as the 13th century. It is eaten as a breakfast, lunch and dinner with various toppings. It is only in the west that hummus is used as a dip or a side.

As avid Hummus enthusiasts we strive to bring hummus culture to Canada and help popularize the concept of Hummus as a main meal. Abu hummus is a tribute to several legendary hummus restaurants  which is expressed in our menu, decor and name. 

Our refusal to cut corners produces the creamiest and tastiest hummus available in Canada. 
Our Hummus is made with organic Ingredients. Each single chickpea is thoroughly screened for defects before it is cooked fresh every day. This makes such a huge difference in taste that store bought hummus is a totally different category. As a matter of fact we take offense to store bought chickpea paste being called hummus :) you will too after trying authentic hummus.

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Where is Abu Hummus?

We're located in the heart of the iconic food neighbourhood Kensington Market. At the corner of Augusta Ave and Baldwin St.

Our address is: 199 Baldwin St. Toronto, ON M5T 1M1

We're Hiring

We’re always looking for fellow hummus fanatics to join our team. If you think you’re as passionate about high-quality hummus as us then we’d love to hear from you.  Please e-mail us at Currently hiring the following positions:
  • Wait/Cash staff (full and part time)
    • (starting April 1st)
    • Minimum 1 year experience serving.
    • Good spoken English.
    • Positive, upbeat and energetic personality