About Abu Hummus

Abu Hummus is a Toronto based restaurant that is serving Hummus as a main dish. Hummus has been a popular meal all over the Middle East as early as the 13th century. It is eaten as a breakfast, lunch and dinner with various toppings. 

As avid Hummus enthusiasts we strive to bring hummus culture to Canada and normalize the concept of Hummus as a main meal instead of a side. Abu hummus is a tribute to several legendary hummus restaurants which is evident in our menu and decor. 

Our refusal to cut corners produces the creamiest and tastiest hummus available in Canada.

Our Hummus is made with organic Ingredients. Each single chickpea is thoroughly screened for defects before it is cooked and we cook the hummus fresh every day. This makes such a huge difference in taste that store bought hummus is a totally different category. As a matter of fact we take offense to store bought chickpea paste being called hummus 🙂

Hummus is a very healthy food especially when eaten without the Pita.

Come in and try the best Hummus in Toronto Today.